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Scientific knowledge.

See the editorial services page or contact Grey Editing to learn more.

We can completely change the structure, tone, harvard format, or even rewrite some weak parts. Our online editing company can offer a separate paragraph checker if you are sure about the rest of the work. Thus, we do not limit your freedom – choose only those parts you worry about.

But not us.

RECENT POSTS. Intro to Professional Academic Editing: Coming January 2018. “Themself” Is a Perfectly Cromulent Word. Chicago Manual of Style interviews Sarah Grey on inclusive language.

Sometimes cloudless college days end up because of various writing assignments. You spend days while preparing an impressive masterpiece and hope to please your professor. A competent editor may help to proofread it, but it can be a rather expensive service.

End-to-end solutions. Progressive approach. To learn more about the Medical Writing and Editing services offered by Cactus Communications, write to .

Don’t hesitate to check any paper type. This tool doesn’t care what kind of an assignment you’re going to check. It only cares about its correctness.

I expressed concern about the quick turnaround, and the official offered to pay for a freelance editorial assistant for two months to help me with the proposal. And I agreed. The editor, a former BU grad student who was an excellent writer and an expert on Latin America, helped me to get a lot more writing done in a shorter amount of time than was normal for me.

MD Writing and Editing. If you feel overwhelmed when you think about your academic writing, you are not alone. Many academics spend months or even years sitting on half-finished drafts of journal articles. There are many reasons why people do not make progress with their academic writing projects.

Also called “developmental editing,” this exceptionally valuable service sets us apart. It includes all Screenplay Editing and Screenplay Proofreading services and adds detailed, objective feedback on issues that impact the success of your screenplay.

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