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The FULL SERVICE Management Company

Our central focus is our clients! We are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships. Our goal is to handle every detail in a professional, consistent manner. We are committed to personalized service through open communication, expedient closure of all issues, and comprehensive financial reporting.

Our Core Values

We strive to provide value to our clients by offering information that will minimize expenses, increase property value, generate additional revenue and minimize the liabilities.

We provide “hands on” management with direct involvement in each property by the officers of our company. This involvement enables us to provide the personal attention needed while serving your community.

Our Home Owners Say

“It’s a Pleasure …”

It’s a pleasure to work with Heather McArthur and her staff at Premier Residential Management as they help us to manage property for the Prairie Crossing HOA.  Our HOA is different in that, while there are 360 homes, about 60% of the property is “common area” and under conservation protection with a strong environmental component.  Heather is attuned to this difference. She has a breadth of experience with property management and is comfortable suggesting options as well as advising us on what is legal. She is professional, quick to respond to requests and has a good sense of humor which is very important at times!  Premier has been our management company for over 7 years and I’m happy to personally recommend them.

Carol Shaffer, President of the Prairie Crossing HOA

“Wonderful Working Relationship”

Sandpebble Walk HOA, located in Wheeling, IL, has enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with Premier Residential Management since 2008, when Premier began offering their services. The reason we started with Premier and have continued contracting with them is simple, they respond. You call the on the phone, they answer. I am not saying that 24/7 they will pick up their phones (they do have an answering service for after hours), but if they can’t take your call they will call you back. I actually can communicate with my property manager which to me and my board is the one of the most important attributes a management company can possess.
Our meetings are enhanced greatly by the presence of our property manager. Questions arise and if she can’t answer them on the spot, she will get back to us in a timely manner. If we have questions regarding our monthly financial reports, answers are provided promptly.
Our property is spread over 22.44 acres. It has paved roads, landscaping consisting of green lawns, flowers, bushes and trees, tennis courts, playground, two outdoor swimming pools, numerous paved parking lots and sewer systems. Our manager contacts companies for proposals to keep our common areas looking and working good every season of the year. Through their actions we have little complaints from the 354 families that reside in our community, which makes my job as President of our Homeowner’s Association so much easier.
Submitted by Marie Woodruff, President Sandpebble Walk HOA

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