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Costs of Hiring a Book Editor. As the style of editing gets more involved, the cost for each type of editing goes up. Basic or line editing and proofreading runs anywhere from $500 to $2,000 USD for a typical 25-50,000 word book manuscript.

This program has a practical focus aimed at building your knowledge and skill set across a broad spectrum of writing, publishing and editing, including digital writing and publishing, fiction and non- fiction writing, print production, advanced editing for books and magazines and writing for young adults. Who is it for? The Master of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing is for those who currently work in the creative writing, editing and publishing industry, or have recently completed and undergraduate degree.

It’ll definitely bring success. And it really will, but it hasn’t only to be well written. It can contain a wonderful idea and brilliant thoughts, but think of correctness too. None tutor will give you excellent grades for poor written texts. If you finished an essay and want to know if it’s correct, give yourself some time for rest.

Check it in several hours when your mind will be fresh and relaxed.

People using our StyleWriter free trial tell us the program transforms the way they write. Many organizations, after using our trial software, buy 1,000+ user licenses to change the way employees communicate both internally with colleagues and with customers. Our corporate customers include: Environmental Protection Agency – 1000-user license Farm Credit Administration – Enterprise License Federal Aviation Administration – 1000-user license Halifax-Bank of Scotland – 1500-user license Read Review SNR Denton (legal firm) – 800-user license City of Los Angeles – 2400-user license.

The pricing goes up from there as the style of editing gets more intensive.

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