A grammar checker will tell you that the sentence is perfectly fine, which it is. A professional editor will help you to improve it: It was a dreadfully cold, dark night. I could hear the wind rattling the window shutters and I tossed and turned, unable to sleep.

You may remap them in .vimrc for a better comfort for e.g.

1 Use Microsoft Word to Find Passive Verb Forms 2 Make WordPress Quit Inserting Paragraph Tags 3 Does WordPad or Notepad Have Spellcheck? 4 Set the Top Margin & Left Margin on Google Docs.

You can also do a simple search for apostrophes, checking to make sure that your possessive forms are built correctly and that any contractions in your text are appropriate. (Some instructors feel that contractions are signs of lax writing or inappropriate informality and thus should be avoided in academic prose. See the Contractions section of Tone .)

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When you are not a native English speaker. Some people learn English later in life and find it challenging to deliver papers without spelling and other minor grammatical mistakes. Even after writing a paper in your favorite area, you may have strong and convincing arguments and lose them due to careless mistakes.

Copy Editing only professional writers.

Now done mostly in digital format, it can still bring back memories of high school English teachers with red pens.

Hiring an editor helps in improving and enhancing the flow of your paper by eliminating any mistakes that you would not have noticed. When you have poor writing skills.

It is almost inescapable — even paid commercial utilities will not give you the flexibility and the integration offered by LanguageTool. Now given this fact, the question simplifies to asking: How can I use LanguageTool on platform X for documents of type Y? I will now proceed to answering it for the VIM platform (and latex documents as just a special case). This is a canonical case as far as linux OS is concerned.